About Sunsia

The History of Sunsia goes back to 2001, when founder Mahamadi Kaboré started match making activities between Africa and Europe on a project basis.

In January 2002, the independent private company Sunsia BV was started and registered, making Sunsia into the first Dutch professional services firm purely specialized in Africa. Founding partners were the Dutch investment company Rovalue Capital Africa and the Dutch private business network SMO. The input of Sunsia's founding partners ensured a head start in the dutch private sector and in the (international) financial sector.

Sunsia has accomplished assignments in some 30 African countries for some 125 clients since the start. Well over 250 individual companies have been involved. Sunsia's work generated substantial benefits to both the corporate sector and to African society.

The company has achieved steady growth. Sunsia has developed into a professionally run business with reliable and strong partners, representatives and offices all over the African continent. Both in Africa and in Europe, Sunsia has extensive networks in the private sector, and a sound working relation with public authorities.

The management of Sunsia BV is in hands of Mahamadi Kaboré.

Kaboré is the founder of Sunsia. As the managing director he's responsible for the overall management. Kaboré is Burkinabé of origin and has lived and worked in several Western African countries. He's based for some years in The Netherlands. He studied mathematics and technical informatics. He worked for Shell, Hewlett Packard and for the Business and Society Foundation (SMO) before founding Sunsia BV in 2002.

Both in The Netherlands and in Africa, Sunsia involves several highly qualified professionals. Please refer to the offices page to meet them.

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